Handcrafted photo books with utmost care for the fine details

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A book like no other

Handcrafted fineart photo books with the utmost care for the details and quality.


Leather covers

Our leather covers are timelessly elegant.  Full grain cow hide from Italy. Available in 6 beautiful colors. Can be personalized with blind stamping.

Silk covers

The beauty of simplicity. A book cloth with the look of pure silk with a slightly glossy sheen. Available in 6 carefully selected shades from gorgeous neutrals to fresh colours.

Printed covers

There are 3 styles of photo covers available,  the full photo cover, photo stripe or 3/4 photo cover.  Photo stripe and 3/4 photo are comprised of a printed front cover, a textile spine and then a back cover with textile or photo.



Cover imprinting

Imprinting and foil stamping is available for leather and textile covers.  For a small fee we can make a die of your photography logo that can be stamped on books and boxes to create a solid branding experience.



Note that the visualised materials may differ from the original samples. Please register with us and we will be pleased to send you samples.


Feel free to use your favourite photo book design tool, we got you covered with settings, book templates and presets. If you love to shoot photos rather than design photo books, leave the layout work for our designers to handle.


Prefer your own branding? Let us brand your photography packaging with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Ask us about custom dies for leather pressing, foil stamps and custom packaging to reflect your photography brand!


Work with one of our dedicated designers to produce product you’ll feel proud to show. Our staff is with photography and design background, so you’ll have your own go-to for suggestions and can bounce ideas off a talented professional.


Fits for every occasion

Choose between 5 photo book formats, every single one has its advantages


There is something magical about square design – it brings out creativity. Square format gives you endless opportunities for layouts and scales to perfection across all sizes.

28 x 28 cm  (11 x 11 in) is the largest photo book in the Yes I Do book family.  You can design in gorgeous, full sized spread that expands to 56 cm (22 in). It’s a perfect size for wedding albums and portfolios.

21 x 21 cm (8 x 8 in) is suitable for portrait, boudoir and family books. Also a popular choice as a gift album for bridal couple’s parents.

14 x 14 cm (5 x 5 in) is a tiny pocket-sized gem. It is like a little “brag book” for your clients to take along as it will fit right in their purses! Comes in a handy set of two – one for both the bride and groom or to share with loved ones.


Landscape is the easiest format to design. Also perfect for displaying landscape photography in one picture per page layouts. Portrait photo book is handy when you want to add text bellow pictures or prefer classic textbook format.

28 x 22 cm ( 11 x 8.7 in) large landscape is popular for coffe table albums.

22 x 28 cm ( 8.7 x 11 in) large portrait is great for displaying portrait format photography or having a mixed layout with text and pictures.


Custom, high-quality printing service for demanding photographers. Same printing tehniques and papers that are used in Yes I Do fine art books. Our prints are packaged and shipped out in elegant folio boxes that can be presonalized with your photography branding or printed cover.

Warmtone Matte

Warmtone matte is unique matte paper with warmtone finishing. A warm white, it has museum-worthy archival qualities and gives image definition that will stand the test of time.

  • 230gsm matte fineart paper
  • Made in Germany
  • Warm saturated images
  • Soft texture with matte finish

Art Cotton

Art Cotton is 100% cotton rag. A slightly warm white, it’s acid free and pH neutral. Gentle texture and deep colors gives spectacular results suitable for fine art ciclée printing.

  • 240gsm matte fineart paper
  • 100% cotton rag
  • Acid free and pH-neutral
  • Soft texture with matte finish

Photo Pearl

Photo Pearl is a 265gsm pH neutral semi-matte photo paper with a attractive pearl finish. This high quality photo paper delivers rich vibrant images and amazing deep blacks.

  • 265gsm premium photo paper
  • Semi-matte
  • Acid free and pH-neutral
  • Soft texture with a pearl finish

Fine art printing is available in all common sizes, custom formats on request. Your prints are packaged in beautiful folio box and dispatched within four working days.

See for yourself before you order

You can send us up to four of your own images for test, which we’ll print and ship for free.  Register to order test prints

Folio boxes

Present your photographs in a beautiful custom printed folio box. Your clients will love it!

folio boxes for fineart prints


Folio boxes can be covered with photograph or your custom printed design. Feel free to use patterns, textures or any elements your imagination leads you. If it can be printed, we can make it.


Ask us about custom dies for foil stamping and covering options to reflect your photography brand!


Folio boxes are reasonably priced to be part of your everyday photography work without breaking the budget.



Pricing and terms

Please register for pricing, samples and offers. Our service is available only to professional photographers, if you had your pictures taken by a photographer, ask him/her about Yes I Do book.

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